Friday, March 6, 2015

Been a long time, been a long time, been a long...

WOW! What a very long lapse in my blog.  I don't expect that many will have noticed my absence but, if someone is reading this, I am not dead.

Since I last wrote, I have completed a cooperative multi-group outer court with some other covens of my trad, adopted a new dog, taken on three new folks who are guesting with my coven and we are now preparing to take on three (potentially four) more students.  The Gods have been giving me all kinds of new things to think about, adapt to, and do.  Lots of good stuff, with an inevitable measure of not so great. It's all there to create a balance between two poles.  Beginning and ending, yes and no, stop and go -- you get the idea.  I am reminded of the equal hours of light and day we will (theoretically) experience on the upcoming Vernal Equinox.  

Often called Ostara, the equinox was not always observed by the Wica.  Gardner mentions in his writings that the equinoxes and solstices were added after he began forming covens to create more occasions to get together to celebrate, and I for one am glad they were added.  Getting together with my coven is always a pleasure.  

For us, the equinoxes are liminal times.  Living in the desert, we don't get much in the way of Spring.  We mostly have Summer and not-Summer.  For us, Spring exists roughly from Imbolc (usually the end of Winter rains) to the Spring Equinox when things are fully leafed out.  Summer seems to assert itself sometime between the equinox and Beltane, with the first 100 degree temperature of the year usually close to Beltane. So, Ostara is that fleeting and mystical time when the weather is warm and beautiful, the sun is not overpowering, and the nights have a cool sweetness that we reminisce about through the hot months. The desert is full of wild flowers, pollen counts go through the roof, and outdoor festivals rule.

While much of the country is still wrestling free of Winter's grasp, we are enjoying highs in the 70s or 80s.  While they are praying for warmth, we are wishing we could stay in the comfort of this mild bliss like a dreamer reluctant to wake. 

Happy Spring!  I will endeavor to be a more faithful blogger.

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