Monday, November 25, 2013

Dark of the Moon

The Dark of the Moon is often a misunderstood concept.  Many books about spell craft, and Wiccans I have heard discussing magic, refer incorrectly to the New Moon as the "Dark Moon". In reality, the Dark moon is really the final day of the 4th Quarter Waning Moon, when the moon is at its final decline before beginning to finally wax into the first day of the 1st Quarter Waxing moon, or New Moon.  This is a highly powerful and liminal space in lunar time.

The New Moon is rightly discussed as a time for beginnings.  Planting a garden, for example a magical one, is an excellent endeavor for a New Moon act of magic.  By contrast, the Dark of the Moon is the day to mark the finality of endings and the dark itself.  Traditionally the best day for hexing and cursing, the Dark Moon has been much maligned.  It is the time of the Death aspect of the Lady, the dark Crone and Washer at the Ford.  The spinner of Fate, the most unknowable aspect of the Lady, should be honored at this time.  The Dark Lord, too, should be honored at the Dark of the Moon for without destruction and endings new beginnings would often not be possible.   

Recognizing the dark parts of ourselves is appropriate at this phase of the moon as well.  Our "shadow", as Jung called it, is that restricting and destroying part of the self which can hold us back.  It fills us with fear and slows our progress toward success with whispers of "not good enough", doubt, and negativity.  The Dark Moon is the perfect time to meet our shadow on its own turf; to work to integrate it into being so that it can fuel, temper and complete the lighter half of the self.  We are a model of the macrocosm.  As such, we are properly composed of light and Dark halves. This is as it should be.  When we accept and embrace our darker aspects, we open ourselves to deep and powerful magic. 

Much if Wicca today has been whitewashed with fluffy self help junk.  The fluff aspires to normalize and make "safe" the practice of Witchcraft, making it palatable to popular culture, but the reality is that witches have never been afraid of taking responsibility for the muck in their own lives.  We make decisions and cast spells.  We know that we will ultimately have to take responsibility for how we alter the weave of the fabric of Fate with our magic.  With that in mind, aught we not see what motivations our darker selves might be hiding in the dark corners of our souls?  I think so...

So this December 1st, I encourage readers (if ther are any) to embrace the Dark Moon in Scorpio and plumb the depths of your own self.  Look for, name, and envision your darker self. Maybe give it a name and spend some time with it.  I promise you that you will not be asked to expose this tender spot, but knowing it intimately will make your powerful because you will understand your own motivations and intent.  No person will ever do this fully, but this is why we call our actions the "practice" of Witchcraft, right.  May we all find happiness in our balanced imperfection. So Mote It Be.

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